Japan Elementary and junior high school students who suddenly disappears from this world

Central Intelligence Bureau undercover investigation, not affiliated with any government agency, clear up your regret neither of them is known. If we can call as human race, we are needing to cooperate at the planetary level.one thing I can say is that there are some victims.
It's June 25th, 2020.
There is no data and the number of data for patients with psychosis. The reality of psychosis in Japan is unclear and the situation is unknown. The situation in the world is unknown.
Only in Japan, youth suicides tended to increase. The cause is unknown. In addition, the number of students with disabilities was accelerating.
The cause of death of an adult corpse is unknown. On the contrary, I feel that there are many missing people that disappear from the world, but I do not know the answer.
Graph of annual trends, suicide among Japanese youth peoples